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Beautiful little cat stuck in a tree in the garden

Professionals Who Can Rescue Cats Stuck on Trees in Halifax

Has your cat climbed a tall tree and got stuck? Then you would be worried that it may get injured if it falls down. Don’t worry; we have got it covered. All Green Tree Care can rescue cats promptly in Halifax. Our workers can climb the tree using a ladder to bring back your loved pet safely. Being professional arborists, we complete our rescue project without damaging the tree. 

When your cat has just got stuck, it is recommended to allow it some time to come down on its own. You may try to call its name, reduce background noise and attract it with its favourite food. For more information, contact us.

Drone Rescue Services in Halifax

If you fly drones to get picturesque footage of the area, you may know the struggle when the drone gets stuck on a tall tree. It’s quite common for drones to get in between the small branches of healthy and damaged trees. Drones are expensive equipment, and you don’t want to lose or damage them while trying to bring them down on your own. It’s also quite dangerous to try and rescue the drone yourself as you may fall and get severely injured. We provide prompt drone rescue services in Halifax.

Our trained team is adept at safely bringing down drones that accidentally get stuck in between the twigs and branches of tall trees. Our fully-insured workers safely and efficiently make use of a ladder to climb the tree. If you're trying to find a skilled climber to rescue your drone, reach out to us.

Quadcopter entangled in tree branches

Is Your Cat Stuck on a Tree?

Trust our cat rescue services to bring your cat down safely.

White cat in a tree
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